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The bathroom lavatory sink can fit perfectly within the design of your bathroom, or it can stand out as a brilliant conversation piece, depending on the style and material you prefer to use. Our kitchen and bathroom stores have hundreds of options.


Our stores carry bathroom sinks made from a wide variety of materials. From the traditional vitreous china products to more modern lavatory sinks constructed from glass, we have the perfect sink to complete your bathroom project. We even showcase sinks crafted from different types of metals such a bronze and copper.


The most popular and traditional lavatory sink material is vitreous china, which comes in an enormous array of colors. We carry bathroom sinks available in dozens of different colors and patterns, which vary depending on style and manufacturer. We even carry limited edition, hand-painted sinks with intricate floral designs and patterns painted into the bowl.


Bathroom sinks are available with many different installation options. Vessel sinks sit on top of the bathroom counter, much like a bowl on a table, and a perfect for powder room applications. Undermount sinks sit flush with the counter, with the bowl of the sink sitting entirely under the surface of the counter. Drop-in sinks sit with the edge of the sink above the counter, and the bowl of the sink within the cabinet. Finally, pedestal lavatory sinks have their own built-in pedestal, upon which the sink itself rests elegantly.

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