Toilets and Bidets Store

Toilets and Bidets Store

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  • Toilets with Lighting
  • Toilets with Sensors

Our store locations have a wide selection of toilets and bidets to examine, ranging in color, style, and installation types.


Most bathrooms feature standard white or black toilets, but did you know you can order your toilet in up to 100 different colors?  Make a statement in your powder room with a green toilet, or bring your master bathroom to life with a blue toilet.


Toilets and bidets are subtly designed with particular styles in mind, ranging from minimalist modern curves to classic pillared looks.  Choose the best option that matches the style of your home or office.


Toilets and bidets can be installed directly into the ground, which is the most common application, or you can select a wall-mounted toilet.  Wall-mounted toilets have a very clean, modern look and are very popular in space conscious settings, such as European bathrooms.